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Around Bayeux

The most attractive sites in Normandy

However long you stay in Bayeux you'll wish you'd stayed longer

Bayeux is the perfect base for visiting the most famous sites of West Normandy.

Bayeux is one of the few towns not to have been damaged in world war II. It has many half timbered houses and fine 18th century mansions. And , of course, the Bayeux tapestry and a magnificent cathedral.

Many restaurants from gourmet restaurants to snack bars, pubs and a McDo.

There is a folder of tourist leaflets in the flat.

Here is a short list of must sees.

Bayeux tapestry

  • 300 yds away
  • Tells the story of the battle of hastings in 1066
  • Ticket available for tapestry or including Bayeux museum and war museum.


  • 600 yds awayBayeux Cathedral
  • Built from 1050 to 1077 then partly rebuilt in Gothic
  • Mass on Sunday morning

Town trail

  • Starts 300 yds away
  • Follow the brass plaques around the town with information panels at key sites

Bayeux war cemetery and war museum

  • On the southern BypassBayeux Commonwealth cemetery
  • Over 4000 British and commonwealth graves
  • War museum gives a good over view of the battle of Normandy

D-Day Normandy landing beaches

  • 20 mins to British sector. 25 mins to American sectordd-tank
  • Omaha beach
  • American cemetery with 9387 graves
  • Pointe du hoc, where 225 Rangers set out to scale the 100 ft high cilffs to attack a gun battery
  • Utah beach, taken by troops led by Gen Roosevelt
  • Ste Mere eglise, where John Steele got caught on the church tower.
  • Pegasus Bridge: The first mission carried out on d-day and the only mission that went to plan.Horsa glider
  • Sword beach - Grand Bunker museum
  • Juno beach - Juno center
  • Gold beach - Vers sur mer, Gold America museum
  • Arromanches Mulberry harbour
  • Longues gun battery: Still has the 155mm guns in place


  • 25 mins East Caen chateau
  • Castle built by William the conqueror
  • 2 abbeys built by William the conqueror
  • Old part of town escaped the destruction
  • The 80% that was destroyed has been tastefully rebuilt facing off the buildings with Caen limestone
  • Shopping centers

Mont St Michel

  • 1.5 hours awayMont Saint Michel
  • Unofficialy the eighth wonder of the world
  • A three story monastery on a rock in a bay.


  • Just over 1 hour from Bayeux on the Seine estuary
  • A 16th century fishing village
  • Has the harbour for sailing boats in the middle of the town
  • Wooden church 1 of 2 in France
  • Eugene Boudin art museum. Eugene Boudin discovered Monet doing portraits at Le Havre station.
  • Erik Satie house(he wrote Gymnopedie). A surrealist visit
  • Cote de Grace chapel up the hill past La Maison de Lea hotel. Full of ExVotos made by sailors.
  • La Ferme St Simeon, where the impressionists stayed, when it was a simple farmhouse.
  • Normandy bridge a few miles away. Was the biggest stay bridge in the wourld when it was finished in 2005.

Villedieu les poelles

  • 1 hour from Bayeux on the way to Mont Saint Michel
  • 1 of 2 Bell foundries in France
  • They make the bells the same way as they have for centuries

Deauville / Trouville

  • 1 hour from Bayeux on the way to HonfleurVilla Strasbourger - Deauville
  • Trouville dates from the viking invasions
  • Deauville is the newest town in Normandy - 1860
  • Famous planches broadwalk on the beach
  • Many fine villas
  • American film festival in september

Vieux la romaine

  • S.E. of Caen
  • Was the main roman town in the region a 1000 years before Caen was thought of
  • Ruins of a villa to visit free of charge
  • Museum explaining the roman presence and history of the town.

Balleroy chateau

  • 30 mins from Bayeux on the way to Mont Saint Michel
  • Designed by Fran├žois Mansart
  • Was owned by Malcolm Forbes of Forbes magasine who was a GI in Normandy
  • Malcolm Forbes was a balloon enthusiant. There is a balloon museum at the Chateau
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