Emile Corteil: paratrooper and dog handler

On D-day night, it wasn’t only airborne men going in. There was Glen the alsation dog.

Emile Corteil Glen and company

Glen had been added to the company to help with patrol and guard duties. He would jump from a plane on his own with his own parachute, on a command from Emile. If any one else tried to give him the command, that would be greeted with a growl of discontent.

Emile Corteil and Glen

On the morning of the 6th june they were dropped off course, like many others. They met up with Brigadeer Hill and the group set off towards their objective. But bombers who were supposed to bomb Merville battery were off course and bombed this group. The only survivors were Brigadeer Hill and another paratrooper.

Emile and Glen’s bodies were found and identified some time later in a bomb crater. Glen was still on his leash next to Emile.

Exceptionally, they were burried together in Ranville military graveyard?

Emile Corteil's gtrave