normady leopards

British Canadian Itinerary

The British and Canadian landing zone is less frequented than the American zone. hollywood makes us more aware of the American sector, it also has the Pointe du Hoc which has been left practically as it was 70 years ago and the grandiose American cemetery. In the British Canadian sector, being a built up sector, many bunkers have been cleared away to get the towns back to life.

The zone has some famous sites and many hidden gems. This tour will take you around the whole British/ Canadian beach sector plus Pegasus bridge. The British/Canadian airborne sites will be the theme of another self guiding GPS d-day tour guide.

The tour visits:
The Abbey of Ardennes,
Pegasus bridge,
Sword beach Grand Bunker,
the casino bunker site,
the commandos landing site,
a radar station,
Canadian cemetery,
Tailleville chateau,
Juno beach-Berniers,
Juno beach - Courseulles,
an AVRE,
a DD tank,
Gold beach,
Roquettes gun battery,
Longues gun battery,
Port en Besin.