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D-Day landing zone Audio Guide

This audio guide on the Normandy invasion beaches will allow you to self guide. The normandy invasion guide covers ground that I would normally visit on a private battlefield tour, inluding sites that many guides don't know about. The package includes a 16 page visual aid booklet.

d-day audio Starting at Bayeux the tour leads you to La Cambe german cemetery, La Fiere causeway and Sainte Mere Eglise. Then past a POW camp to Utah beach. If you've seen the series the Band of brothers you'll remember the gun battery that they knocked out near Sainte Marie du Mont. The tour takes you to that manor house before going on to Point du Hoc where the Rangers climbed 100ft high shear cliffs to attack a gun battery. Then on to Omaha beach where you'll see an 88mm gun still in place and further along the site of the first cemetery then another 50mm gun on the first exit opened up on d day.

The American cemetery with it's 9387 graves overlooks Omaha beach. From there we'll continue past Port en Bessin to return to Bayeux.

Along the way you'll hear about many other sites and anecdotes.

Your tour with a pro for 25euro on download

Benefit from the 25 years experience of a local guide of Normandy and the D-day landing beaches
With the audio guide:
-you save the expense of a human guide;

wn63WN 63 - not all strong points were on the beach.
-you don't have to wait for the ever present stragglers on a coach excursion (which visit 5 sites at the most) ;
-and you don't have to fall in with the schedule imposed by a minibus tour or support people you wouldn't like to spend the day with.
-Compared with a guide book you don't need to spend days preparing your tour wondering which are the essential sites and then worry about how to get to them. I take you to the essential sites and battlefield sites many tours don't visit, and explain clearly how to get there.
The guide gives you an introduction to D-day, the normandy invasion and operation Overlord. Why it was in Normandy, why it was the 6th of june. You'll stop at 14 sites and have information on 29 sites and events of d-day. The guide ends with an overview of what you've visited.

This battle of normandy tour fills a day (you can do it over 2 days) and covers 105 miles with 14 stops. It gives you an introduction to D-day, information on 29 sites that you pass and an overview of what you've visited during the tour.

If you have bought the Audioguide here and you are not content, just explain to us in a few lines what we could do better. We will refund your payment within three business days, no questions asked. Guaranteed.